My mission is to inspire the creation of exceptional personal and professional relationships by revealing the clues to personality, behaviour and performance hidden in clear sight.

Joseph McGuire

Instant Impressions

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Anais Nin

What I do is different. I was never likely to follow a mainstream path. I’ve always looked at life with a curious mind. From my earliest days I’ve been a fascinated observer of people; how they move;how they behave; most particularly how much they reveal about themselves without speaking.

Discovering Mien Shiang was like coming home. Finally I had found a system that enabled me to put a structure on my observations. For over 30 years I have taught it to healthcare professionals and others in both Ireland and Germany.

Now I assist corporates to recruit, sell and negotiate through my mastery of observational and listening skills honed over that period. I specialize in providing precise, detailed and accurate analysis of the wealth of information about behavioural and personality traits, communication styles and stress patterns revealed in the facial features and expressions, and body language of your prospective clients and employees.

For at least the last 3,000 years the Chinese have practiced the art of Mien Shiang or ‘Face Reading’. They understood that a person’s character, personality, behaviour style, health patterns and much more was visible in the facial features. The face shape, alignment, positioning and size of the facial features outlined their potential strengths and weaknesses; the lines, marks, colours and changes to shape and size which occurred through life reflected how that personality etc has developed. Political appointments and success in business were frequently determined by what ones features were seen to communicate.

Field operatives in organizations such as the F.B.I. are routinely trained in reading body language. After 9/11 the F.B.I. and the Federal Aviation Administration called on the services of a Face Reader to help them identify facial characteristics of potential terrorists. In recent years C.E.O.’s of major companies including Proctor and Gamble, The Gap, Mattel, and Old Navy have trained in Face Reading. These time-tested skills are now being widely used in areas such as jury selection, sales training, interviewing and recruitment, team-building and negotiation.

A variety of studies show that we take in upwards of 60% of our information visually. Researchers such as Edward T. Hall have demonstrated that less than 30% of the meaning in any given conversation is conveyed through words. Unfortunately we frequently tend to be dazzled by language, and the increasing use of complex-sounding terminology. We seek to convince others through our reasoning, and in so doing we are likely to miss, quite literally a wealth of opportunity. We neglect to see others as they are, and as they need to receive communication. Care to change that and develop exceptional business relationships?

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