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Ellen DeGeneres – a Face Reading Profile

Ellen_DeGeneres- Wikimedia commons

(This is the first in a series of celebrity profiles)

Her face shape is largely oval, meaning she is a natural diplomat. The oval shape tells us that she has a deep-rooted inclination and preference for harmony, both in her relationships – professional and personal – and her environment.

There is a slightly rectangular dimension to her forehead, which means she likes structure and will work best when she has at least the outline of a plan. As the forehead curves at the sides we can see that she is not comfortable with rigid systems or structures. Being flexible and having scope to adapt allows her to give of her best.

As her hairline comes in above the temple, especially on the left we can reveal that she has a deeply ingrained work ethic. It will be important to her to set high standards and to finish what she starts.

Her eyebrows are more straight than curved. This means she can be quite rational and is not naturally inclined to be overly sentimental. Anyone pitching ideas to her should think them through carefully first as she will not be impressed by sloppiness in presentation. She is unlikely to be cruelly dismissive but anyone given a second chance should be in no doubt that she expects them to demonstrate clearly that what they are proposing makes good sense.

Her nose is long, and nicely proportioned. This denotes both strength of personality and consistency of behaviour. Although she comes across as warm and friendly we can be clear that she is no pushover. There is real strength of character here. Her nose tip extends beyond the nostrils, meaning she can be exceptionally patient, and that being of service is hugely important to her. The slight cleft in the tip indicates that she will always be searching for either something better or a better way to express her essential nature. She will never rest on her laurels.

Her eyes are bright and quite open. This is someone whose public persona of a warm, friendly and sociable woman is quite genuine. Connecting with and relating to others is an innate expression of her being. Both upper eyelids show a thick fold, demonstrating that she has an ego. In her profession it would be difficult to survive without one. Her wide open eyes mitigate any potential diva like behaviour. Honesty will be particularly important to her. Treat her with dishonesty at your peril as you are likely to be shown the door quite quickly.

There are lines both below the eyes and just below the outer corners of the eyes. The former refer to stress and tiredness, and she would be advised to ensure that she pays attention to both the quality and quantity of her rest. The lines across the upper outer cheeks are known as courage lines. These are likely to relate to that period of both personal and professional strain after she came out publicly as gay. She has faced significant life challenges and come through. These lines are the battle scars!

The fullest part of both cheeks is the lower half, denoting her empathetic nature. That fullness extends down to her jaw, meaning she is comfortable with money and the nicer material things in life. When it comes to negotiation she will know her value!

Her mouth is reasonably wide without being overly so. She is very comfortable expressing herself, so her chosen career is ideal. Her upper lip is relatively straight, suggesting she has learned to guard against being overly vulnerable in the public arena. Although as stated she is naturally warm she is aware of the need to protect herself.

Her two upper front teeth are slightly larger than their neighbours so we can see that she has a stubborn streak. When she smiles her gums are visible. This tells us that she has a generous nature, but will certainly remember if someone is not appreciative of her generosity.

Her chin is curved, slightly prominent and well formed. She has strong ideals, is very determined and will not be pushed around. Her warm presence may lead some to underestimate her strength but that can play to her advantage. There is a horizontal line midway between mouth and chin. This reveals that she has a tendency to mother others i.e. to do for them things they could and should do for themselves. This is reflective of her caring nature, but is a tendency others may be inclined to take advantage of. She would be well advised to take a close look at this pattern as it could be quite draining.

Although obviously not on the face the ears are significant in terms of reading faces. In Ellen’s case we can see that the right ear in particular protrudes. This indicates that she will tend to have quite an individual perspective. At times it could mean an inclination to make her mind up before having all the information – not always the best strategy! As both ears are relatively long we can expect that she will be with us for many years to come. Larger ears are, amongst other things associated with resilience. Both ears have nicely sized lobes, so her spiritual life will provide a major part of her nurturing. Her lobes also indicate strong intuition.

All in all a potent package!

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