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The Art of Reading your Clients & Prospects for Sales Negotiation & Recruitment

Inside the book you’ll learn:

Helping business leaders by providing accurate insights into communication and behavioural patterns, enabling you to evaluate and make better decisions when formulating agreements

  • Visual tips to understand the other side before the negotiation starts.
  • Key traits to spot when choosing your team.
  • Reading your clients at a glance and tailoring your communication to suit.
  • What the eyes really reveal and how that helps your business
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Having practiced, taught and honed his techniques over a period of more than 30 years Joseph has developed a mastery of observational skills. He uses them to add an extra degree of clarity and accuracy to his client’s decision making when choosing candidates for senior level recruitment or promotion. He is also in demand for his assistance in negotiations, as a presenter at conferences, and for group training in a wide range of sectors including Reputation Management, Healthcare, Coaching and HR. More recently he has regularly hosted Breakthrough Brands on Dublin South FM.

I sent Joseph a picture of a professional I was thinking of collaborating with. I was astounded as to the methodical and intricate way in which he created the profiling. The comments about the character of the individual he was profiling as well as his recommendations were spot on and invaluable in my decision making process. Joseph has opened up my world and has shown me that profiling can be an incredible way for HR and businesses to use this during recruitment and in so many other ways. Brilliant, professional and highly recommended! 

Michele Attias - Life & Business Coach, Speaker & Writer