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Michele Attias – Life and Business Coach

by Joseph McGuire on 1st September 2017 Comments Off on Michele Attias – Life and Business Coach

I sent Joseph a picture of a professional I was thinking of collaborating with.
Joseph responded with an extremely professional profiling of the individual, I was astounded as to the methodical and intricate way in which he created the profiling.
The comments about the character of the individual he was profiling as well as his recommendations were spot on and invaluable in my decision making process, as to whether to continue to go ahead with my collaboration with the person he had profiled.
Excellent and professional, Joseph has opened up my world and has shown me that profiling can be an incredible way for HR and businesses to use this during recruitment and in so many other ways. Brilliant, professional and highly recommended!

Joseph McGuireMichele Attias – Life and Business Coach