Training Courses

“We are blind to our own blindness”.

Daniel Kahneman ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’

Communication – Negotiation – Presence


Starts: Tuesday 18th April
Time: 7pm to 8.30pm GMT/ 8pm to 9.30pm CET/ 2pm to 3.30pm ET/ 11am to 12.30pm PST
Fee: €997

Recorded for participants.


On registration you’ll receive the Zoom link for all sessions.

Limited to 10 participants.

Every business leader and owner needs exceptional communication and negotiation skills for sustained success. True leadership also requires presence.

Communication is 2/3 non-verbal .

Join me to learn real world skills unknown to most..

We’ll explore:

  • Reading your clients and counterparts
  • Behavioural negotiation skills
  • The real art of listening
  • Detecting deception
  • and more

Added bonus of a 1-hour recorded profiling session, of either you or a person/people of your choice. I just need clear facial photos of whoever you choose.

By joining the course you agree that I may use any or all of the recorded material for promotional or advertising purposes.

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