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“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are”.

  • Anais Nin

How to Read People - Essential Skills for Life and Success

5-week online course

5-week course Starting Tuesday 20th February

7pm-8pm GMT/8pm-9pm CET/2pm-3pm EST/11am-12pm PST

Have you missed out on great opportunities because you didn’t read the room…?

Why Attend This Course?

In this informative and eye-opening course, you will:

Learn To Tap Into Your Intuition

Uncover the art of asking questions and the strategic use of silence

Discover Deception Tactics: Acquire knowledge to recognize body language that contradicts verbal communication.

Recognize Red Flags: Master the art of recognizing facial expressions to unveil genuine thoughts and emotions.

Interactive Learning: Learn practical techniques to foster genuine connections.

Distinguish Body Language facts from fiction

Uncover Empathy Strengths and weaknesses

Learn practical skills to boost your ability to connect and communicate with real impact in all areas of your life. We’ll share a powerful blend of ancient Oriental skills and intelligence techniques.

Imagine going into a business meeting and being able to read people you’ve never met before at a glance…

Appealing, isn’t it…?

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal for business owners and professionals  who want to:

Read their clients, prospects and candidates at a glance and know the real person.

Enhance their decision-making skills.

Understand the psychology of persuasion and manipulation.

Or who have been impacted by scammers or fraudsters and wants to avoid recurrence.

Negotiations and Sales are central to business success. Our ability to communicate effectively determines the quality of our client relationships, which makes the difference between success and failure.

Words, whether spoken or on screen, are the surface level of communication. Like an iceberg, a vast percentage of what is really meant, intended and felt is below the surface.

Our facial features and expressions, body language and gestures, and the tone, pitch and rhythm of our voice conveys far more information than the words. Having the ability to accurately read the signs allows you to stand out, and greatly increases your chances of success.

This course gives you the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge from Oriental traditions alongside modern intelligence agency skills and research.

Each session will be interactive, and will be recorded for participants.

Investment in your future success: €425    

Early Bird (to 16th February) €375 – PM me to arrange

Limited to 12 participants

To register:

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