Behavioural Negotiation Consulting Success in negotiations requires more than tactics, strategy, financial and technical details. That success is often down to behaviour, communication style, and the ability to read the room in real time. Our proprietary programme provides you with a clear understanding of yourself, how you are perceived by others, keys to change, plus accurate insights into your counterparts, and their behavioural patterns. If it's important to you to ensure you're negotiating with real-time clarity let's arrange a complimentary call and discover how Clearsight can help you: Click Here Communicate, Trust and Collaborate Does your team have great untapped potential, but miscommunication and misunderstanding are impacting on sales and growth? Clarity in communicating, trust, empathy, respect, awareness and understanding are vital to build and sustain successful teams. Precise use of observational and listening skills transform your chances of sustained success. If you are ready to add those skills and qualities to cultivate exceptional relationships and build an outstanding team willing to learn, share and succeed together contact me for details of my proprietary 'Communicate, Trust and Collaborate' 7-step programme. Arrange a discovery call : - Click Here Communication - Presentation - Impact Our confidential 'Communication - Presentation - Impact' programme for CEO's and Senior Executives services provides you with a clear, accurate and confidential profile of your own behavioural, communication, and presentation style, and that of colleagues and clients. It is designed to help you clearly identify strengths and current weaknesses, minimise the latter, and add new skills to read people accurately in real time. This 3-month programme provides you with an extra dimension of clarity, strength, confidence and trust to strengthen and nurture your business relationships! Arrange a discovery call via our link for further information...: Click Here Click Here Mentoring for Executive Recruitment Can you discern your candidates personality and behaviour style before they speak? Do they have the communication skills your business requires? Their CV and background may be impressive, but will they really fit the culture of your company? Imagine the difference it would make having the requisite skills at your fingertips. Let Clearsight provide you with the skills to read and understand your candidates and ensure you’re making the best choices. The future success of your business may depend on it. To arrange a call:

How Clearsight can help you

We take in upwards of 60% of our information visually, yet miss many potential opportunities by seeing and hearing what we expect rather than what is actually intended. Clearsight provides you with a means to accurately and precisely read non-verbal cues in real time to ensure clear communication, and enable you to build exceptional relationships. Our services provide a range of options to help you gain impact, trust and respect in all your relationships, professional and personal. Choose the option that’s right for you:

Mastermind - Communication, Negotiation, Presence

We negotiate on a daily basis, both with ourselves and others. It takes insight and awareness to build a thriving relationship, whether professional or personal. More importantly it requires understanding and meeting people where they're at. Misunderstanding can be costly. Do you want to minimize that risk by ensuring you have the observational, listening and communication skills to successfully negotiate any relationship? Join our select Mastermind group for results that give you greater peace of mind.

Training Courses

Clearsight training courses provide a unique combination of ancient skills and cutting edge behavioural and negotiation techniques. We work with teams in all areas of business, especially Sales and Financial Services, where excellent communication skills are at a premium. Arrange a discovery call to learn their practical application to strengthen and develop your team and your business today!

Themed Presentations

Themed presentations, available as Breakfast, or Lunch and Learn options are unique events designed to introduce the subject, skills, practicalities, and benefits of non-verbal communication in particular areas of life and business. All presentations have an interactive dimension to illustrate their practical value and benefits to your business. Popular themes include, but are not limited to: Communication and Behavioural Tips for Negotiations, Online Communication Skills, Mastering Team Communication, We're happy to create a specific presentation to suit the needs of your organization

Authentic Communication for Exceptional Relationships

Welcome to Clearsight Communications. I’m Joseph McGuire, and I offer a range of specialized profiling and training services to reveal the key skills to understanding non-verbal communication.

Over the past 30 years I have developed a mastery of observational and listening skills. I now focus primarily on helping my clients in building exceptional relationships in all areas of their lives.

My clients have included AbbVie, GECAS, Shannon Chamber, Pandora, the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, and Storyvault TV. I’ve contributed to TV and radio programmes, as well as magazine and newspaper articles. These include The Sunday Independent, The Herald, Ireland AM on Virgin Media, Newstalk, Shannonside FM and others.

Here’s a link to a recent interview on Upstarts, on Dublin City FM:

Here’s link to my You Tube channel where I post regular short videos with tips on reading faces, body language and behavioural negotiation and communication skills:

To add new skills to enhance communication and client relationships choose Clearsight.

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Or call me on +353(0)87 246 1853 to find out more about how I can help you get the most from your business relationships.

How Clearsight can help you

Michele Attias - Life and Business Coach

I sent Joseph a picture of a professional I was thinking of collaborating with. Joseph responded with an extremely professional profiling of the individual, I was astounded as to the methodical and intricate way in which he created the profiling. The comments about the character of the individual he was profiling as well as his recommendations were spot on and invaluable in my decision making process, as to whether to continue to go ahead with my collaboration with the person he had profiled. Excellent and professional, Joseph has opened up my world and has shown me that profiling can be an incredible way for HR and businesses to use this during recruitment and in so many other ways. Brilliant, professional and highly recommended!

Daniel Gallagher, Senior Specialist Recruitment Consultant, ICT Applications Copy

The insights and information Joseph provided at a recent seminar have proven invaluable to my business. Being able to quickly recognize personality and behavioural traits, communication styles, and stress patterns adds immeasurably to the accuracy of our choices in recruiting the right people for the right jobs. I highly recommend Joseph’s work and will certainly be using his consultancy services to grow our business.

Neil O'Gorman, Senior Communications Manager TV & Digital at RTÉ

Joseph brings fascinating insights into just what faces tell you which, while intriguing and informative in themselves, can become a powerful tool in building better communications with staff and clients and, as a result, building better business. It is truly fascinating what can be learned from people's faces through Joseph and how these insights can be leveraged to create better understanding and build better communications.

Stuart Sheehy, Financial Controller and Chartered Accountant

Joseph's unique skill clearly has an extensive range of applications for any person or business, a very powerful tool with immediate commercial benefits. Having used Joseph's service and attended his presentations, the new knowledge I have gained has saved me time and helped focus my marketing. Excellent, very useful and very accurate.

Paula Flanagan. Manager of the Link Dublin Network

For the duration of the talk Joseph had the group enthralled and they came away with some very valuable tools they can use in the world of business.

Ian Meagan, Managing Director - Recruitment-Works

Joseph's experience and understanding of how organisations work and the importance of having the right people in place is to the highest level. His specialty of reviewing what potential candidates and clients can offer to an organisation not only add value but highlight the need for his skill set for any growing business.

Owen Barry, Managing Director, Create Brand Consultants

As brand consultants, we were quite blown away to discover that he offered us accurate and precise information about the personalities and behaviour styles of prospective clients simply from looking at photos. The information Joseph provided enabled us to connect better with them when we met them for the first time.

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