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We take in upwards of 60% of our information visually, yet miss many potential opportunities by seeing what we expect to see rather than what is there. Let Clearsight provide you with a means to accurately and precisely read non-verbal cues to ensure clear communication, and enable you to build exceptional relationships. Clearsight offers a range of options to help you gain trust in all your relationships, professional and personal. Choose the option that’s right for you:

Our confidential Personal Profiling for Senior Executives services provide you with a clear, accurate and confidential profile of your own behavioural and communication style, or that of colleagues or clients. This adds an extra dimension of effectiveness to your business interactions!

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We are happy to design one-off themed presentations to suit the requirements of your business or organization. Clearsight presentations are information-packed, interactive and entertaining!

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Clearsight training courses provide a unique perspective on combining ancient Chinese skills with cutting edge observational techniques. Discover their practical application to enhance your business today!

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Joseph McGuire

Authentic Communication for Exceptional Relationships

Welcome to Clearsight Communications. I’m Joseph McGuire, and I offer a range of specialized profiling and training services to reveal the key skills to understanding non-verbal communication.

Over the past 30 years I have developed a mastery of observational and listening skills. I now focus primarily on helping my clients in building exceptional relationships in all areas of their lives.

My clients have included AbbVie, GECAS, Shannon Chamber, Pandora, the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, and Storyvault TV. I’ve contributed to TV and radio programmes, as well as magazine and newspaper articles. These include The Sunday Independent, The Herald, Ireland AM on Virgin Media, Newstalk, Shannonside FM and others.

Play my recent radio interview, with Padraic Marren on ‘The Business Eye’ on Dublin South FM.

To add new skills to enhance communication and client relationships choose Clearsight .

Call me now on 087 246 1853 to find out more about how I can help you get the most from your business relationships.


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Here are a selection of just some of the clients I have had the pleasure of working with.

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I am available both nationally and internationally to provide profiling,training and as a speaker at conferences and conventions. To book call me today on 087 246 1853.

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