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Saoirse Ronan – A Face Reading Profile

Saoirse_Ronan_at_2014_Berlin_Film_Festival.jpg by Siebbi

                                                                    (Photo Credit Siebbi)

Saoirse Ronan’s face is essentially oval in shape, which we associate with an innate talent for diplomacy, and a definite preference for harmony in both her personal and professional environments. It is natural for her to get along well with others. It should not, however be assumed that she is a pushover, as her features are strong and clear.

Her wide curved forehead shows a combination of analytical and creative abilities. She is an able student who absorbs information to then adapt it to her future needs. The short ‘widow’s peak’ (v-shape) at the centre of her hairline has particular significance for women. A la Marilyn Monroe she has the ability to make an internal switch which draws admirers to her like moths to a flame.

Her upper right cheekbone is prominent, meaning she has high energy levels and is ambitious. It will be important for her to be acknowledged by her peers. Her right jaw is also fuller than the left. This reveals that she possesses an extra degree of determination to succeed – she shares this trait with notable Irish sporting figures Rory McIlroy, Brian O’Driscoll and Roy Keane. When called on to perform demanding physical roles she has the capacity to thrive.

As her lower cheekbones are quite full we can see that she is naturally very empathetic, further emphasising her innate capacity to get on well with others. This will also add extra depth to her understanding of the roles she plays. She will have the capacity to sit quietly and observe, soaking up knowledge and storing it for future use.

Her eyes sparkle, revealing her great vitality, physical mental and emotional. Both eyes tend to be wide open which tells us that honesty is vitally important to her. Any indication of dishonesty towards her will result in people being frozen out. Both upper eyelids reveal a thick fold. This refers both to the importance of emotional intimacy and to the fact that she has a strong ego – certainly needed in her chosen profession! She will, however get her way by charming much more than by being demanding.

Her right eyebrow is curved while the left is almost straight. What this indicates is that even when she is warm and friendly – and genuinely so – she is observing and gathering information. When left untrimmed her left eyebrow also has a small cluster of hairs at the beginning which stand up. This reveals a trait for spotting potential problems at a very early stage of a project. It will not necessarily make her popular but she will usually be right!


Her nose is well proportioned and uniform in width. She will have no difficulty speaking up and expressing herself and will be clear about her values. Her nose tip is not especially large so although she is naturally warm she will not lose her heart easily. Her mouth naturally turns up at the corners revealing her to be an optimist. The lips form a rosebud shape which is indicative of her sensual nature.  There is some puffiness below her lower lip so there is a likelihood of her holding stress in the area of the colon. Any lingering physical discomfort in this region should be seen as an indication she should step back and check her current overall wellbeing.

Her chin is rounded, well-formed and slightly prominent. This is further confirmation of her sociability, values and determination. Creating goodwill will greatly enhance her career.

Joseph McGuire is the owner of Clearsight Communications who provide personal evaluation services and training in the areas of senior level recruitment/promotion, negotiations, sales and HR. Individual consultation sessions are available both in person and via Skype. He is also in demand for group presentations, private functions and conferences. For further information email:

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5 Visual Clues Your Best People are Thinking about Leaving

Frustrated_man_at_a_desk.jpg Author LaurMG

How attentive are you to the everyday world around you? Every day there are visual and other clues as to how those in the workplace around us are feeling, and by extension performing. Employee retention is an increasingly hot topic. Many companies concerned about the issue seem to be very slow in either recognizing the signs of employee dissatisfaction or dealing with the underlying issues.

Overbearing, unappreciative or incompetent bosses are just three potential factors and I’ll address these in other articles. For now I’ll focus on 5 visual clues that indicate your best people are not happy and may be considering leaving. The potential costs of not spotting the clues and engaging with the employee are considerable. You are faced with not just the disruption to current projects, but also re-hiring and training costs, potential impact on morale and performance of other staff, and impact on customer relationships. Altogether an unappealing prospect!

We all suffer at times from ‘inattentional blindness’ where we are simply not alert to what is clearly visible in our immediate environment. Here are 5 common visual clues that people around you are not happy:

Dark circles under the eyes. This indicates physical, mental and emotional fatigue. The darker the circles the more chronic the issue. They appear over a period of time and show an individual who is in effect running to keep up. Even if they are not immediately thinking of leaving their motivation and enthusiasm levels are likely to have dropped significantly. As their boss it is advisable to monitor their needs – not just their performance – and demonstrate consistent support and appreciation. If you want to keep them this really is not negotiable.


Increased vertical furrows between the eyebrows. Again developing over a period of time these reflect a higher level of internal pressure and self-criticism. As these lines also relate to hypoglycaemia we might expect to see patterns of irritability, and either indecision or impulsive decision making.

tony-blair forehead


Tension in the jaw. This is visible at the sides of the face – physical therapists often refer to TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint) syndrome- as if the muscles are being sucked taut. They may mention grinding their teeth at night. Either way we can take it that they are holding in a good deal of anger which may be released in one big explosion. Even if nothing in the work environment is a causative factor this condition will impact on both individual work performance and relationships with colleagues. An attentive and skilled HR professional can be priceless in this situation.

malcolmx_angry large crop

Slumped or lethargic posture in someone who is normally outgoing and energetic. This is indicative of a general loss of energy, interest and enthusiasm – possibly even depression. Alert and pro-active managers will take such individuals aside and calmly and gently probe for clues, making sure to demonstrate – and not just talk about- their support. Being seen and heard, especially if the support is consistent will make a real difference.


The eyes are ultimately the biggest clue. The visual here is of a U.S. marine with what has become known as the ‘thousand yard stare’. Obviously this is not specific to a typical workplace environment, but variations on such a look are very common in individuals who have become disinterested or demotivated. Other than in intimate situations we tend not to spend much time looking closely into the eyes of another being. A skilled Face Reader will notice quickly whether or not ‘the lights are on’. Eyes which are normally bright but which have lost their sparkle reveal an individual who is struggling. Once again the cause may or may not be work related but their condition will impact on their work.

Thousand Yard Stare WW2_Marine_after_Eniwetok_assault

If only one of these visual clues is present it should not be taken as a sign that the individual intends to leave. If you see a cluster you need to pay attention. Either way the individual will benefit from a consistent demonstration of support and appreciation. As their energy levels, motivation and enthusiasm are raised your business will see the benefits in key areas such as performance, teamwork, customer engagement, and reduced absenteeism. All of that has the potential to reduce your costs and increase your profits.

Joseph McGuire is the owner of Clearsight Communications who provide personal evaluation services and training in the areas of senior level recruitment/promotion, negotiations, sales and HR. Individual consultation sessions are available both in person and via Skype. He is also in demand for group presentations, private functions and conferences. For further information email:

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Matt Damon – a Face Reading Profile


(This is the latest in a series of celebrity profiles)

Everybody is interesting if we take the time to discover. Matt Damon though has a particularly interesting face with many contrasts. The right side of the individuals face reveals their public persona, and their left side their private persona. With Damon we can see distinct differences between both sides. This reflects that his public and private personas can be quite different, and this allows him to look at life from a variety of perspectives.

His hairline comes almost to a V-shape. In men we associate this with a capacity to solve complex problems quickly. In Damon’s case the V is not absolutely clearly defined. This suggests that his mid-teens were quite a challenging time for him – not that that is unusual – and that his creative abilities felt stymied.

His high forehead indicates he is someone who needs a great deal of mental stimulation to feed his creative juices. Boredom is not an option! His eyebrows are at different heights, which again suggests different public and private perspectives. The right eyebrow sits higher than the left, and if anything his right eye is more open. This indicates he is quite comfortable in the spotlight although, as his gaze is questioning, we see that he is not easily impressed by fame and all that comes with it. Early professional success with Ben Affleck in ‘Good Will Hunting’ may have allowed him to peek behind the curtain and view the wizard for what he is!

His left eye being less open reflects the fact that challenges in his personal life have caused him to develop a strong protective core. This will be extended to family and those close to him. His long eyebrows reflect the importance of family in his life. The left eye angles slightly downwards at the outside corner telling us that he feels a strong bond with those less privileged.

His nose is triangular in shape, with a horizontal line across the bridge. The line shows that he is conscientious and takes his responsibilities seriously. The bridge of his nose dips slightly. He prefers to put a shape on his ideas before conferring with others. Once he has clarified what he wants he can really build up momentum, and as he sees things coming together his energy levels and enthusiasm can skyrocket.

His mouth is slightly wavy and a little higher on the left. The waviness can be associated with variable judgement – he has made some dodgy choices in his film roles – and the slight tilt to the left reflects strongly held private views.

His jaw is noticeably wider on the right. This reflects both the determination and energy he brings to all public activities, but also the need for regular stimulating physical activity. This is something he will neglect at his peril as he would become quite frustrated with himself and this in turn could easily spread into close relationships!

His chin is not especially prominent in the overall context of his face. It is rounded and juts out a little. His ideals are very important to him, and it is natural for him to be supportive of causes. He will do best when he engages his brainpower rather than trying to force his ideas through with physical strength.

The notch behind the tragus (flap of cartilage) of his left ear is quite open, revealing his generosity to those closest to him. The anti-helix (inner rim) of both ears is prominent. This tells us that he will always be a man with definite views of his own, even if they don’t match with mainstream opinion.

Joseph McGuire is the owner of Clearsight Communications who provide personal evaluation services and training in the areas of senior level recruitment/promotion, negotiations, sales and HR. Individual consultation sessions are available both in person and via Skype. He is also in demand for group presentations, private functions and conferences. For further information email:


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Ellen DeGeneres – a Face Reading Profile

Ellen_DeGeneres- Wikimedia commons

(This is the first in a series of celebrity profiles)

Her face shape is largely oval, meaning she is a natural diplomat. The oval shape tells us that she has a deep-rooted inclination and preference for harmony, both in her relationships – professional and personal – and her environment.

There is a slightly rectangular dimension to her forehead, which means she likes structure and will work best when she has at least the outline of a plan. As the forehead curves at the sides we can see that she is not comfortable with rigid systems or structures. Being flexible and having scope to adapt allows her to give of her best.

As her hairline comes in above the temple, especially on the left we can reveal that she has a deeply ingrained work ethic. It will be important to her to set high standards and to finish what she starts.

Her eyebrows are more straight than curved. This means she can be quite rational and is not naturally inclined to be overly sentimental. Anyone pitching ideas to her should think them through carefully first as she will not be impressed by sloppiness in presentation. She is unlikely to be cruelly dismissive but anyone given a second chance should be in no doubt that she expects them to demonstrate clearly that what they are proposing makes good sense.

Her nose is long, and nicely proportioned. This denotes both strength of personality and consistency of behaviour. Although she comes across as warm and friendly we can be clear that she is no pushover. There is real strength of character here. Her nose tip extends beyond the nostrils, meaning she can be exceptionally patient, and that being of service is hugely important to her. The slight cleft in the tip indicates that she will always be searching for either something better or a better way to express her essential nature. She will never rest on her laurels.

Her eyes are bright and quite open. This is someone whose public persona of a warm, friendly and sociable woman is quite genuine. Connecting with and relating to others is an innate expression of her being. Both upper eyelids show a thick fold, demonstrating that she has an ego. In her profession it would be difficult to survive without one. Her wide open eyes mitigate any potential diva like behaviour. Honesty will be particularly important to her. Treat her with dishonesty at your peril as you are likely to be shown the door quite quickly.

There are lines both below the eyes and just below the outer corners of the eyes. The former refer to stress and tiredness, and she would be advised to ensure that she pays attention to both the quality and quantity of her rest. The lines across the upper outer cheeks are known as courage lines. These are likely to relate to that period of both personal and professional strain after she came out publicly as gay. She has faced significant life challenges and come through. These lines are the battle scars!

The fullest part of both cheeks is the lower half, denoting her empathetic nature. That fullness extends down to her jaw, meaning she is comfortable with money and the nicer material things in life. When it comes to negotiation she will know her value!

Her mouth is reasonably wide without being overly so. She is very comfortable expressing herself, so her chosen career is ideal. Her upper lip is relatively straight, suggesting she has learned to guard against being overly vulnerable in the public arena. Although as stated she is naturally warm she is aware of the need to protect herself.

Her two upper front teeth are slightly larger than their neighbours so we can see that she has a stubborn streak. When she smiles her gums are visible. This tells us that she has a generous nature, but will certainly remember if someone is not appreciative of her generosity.

Her chin is curved, slightly prominent and well formed. She has strong ideals, is very determined and will not be pushed around. Her warm presence may lead some to underestimate her strength but that can play to her advantage. There is a horizontal line midway between mouth and chin. This reveals that she has a tendency to mother others i.e. to do for them things they could and should do for themselves. This is reflective of her caring nature, but is a tendency others may be inclined to take advantage of. She would be well advised to take a close look at this pattern as it could be quite draining.

Although obviously not on the face the ears are significant in terms of reading faces. In Ellen’s case we can see that the right ear in particular protrudes. This indicates that she will tend to have quite an individual perspective. At times it could mean an inclination to make her mind up before having all the information – not always the best strategy! As both ears are relatively long we can expect that she will be with us for many years to come. Larger ears are, amongst other things associated with resilience. Both ears have nicely sized lobes, so her spiritual life will provide a major part of her nurturing. Her lobes also indicate strong intuition.

All in all a potent package!

Joseph McGuire is the owner of Clearsight Communications who provide personal evaluation services and training in the areas of senior level recruitment/promotion, negotiations, sales and HR. Individual consultation sessions are available both in person and via Skype. He is also in demand for group presentations, private functions and conferences. For further information email:

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5 Key Behavioural Indications when Reading Faces

636042483254651527-1377042830_so white (Mobile)

There are many facial clues to personality and behavioural traits. Over 30 years of study and practice in reading faces leaves me in no doubt that we can gain deep insights through clear and skilled observation. Learning to read the clues accurately can assist us greatly in any interpersonal engagement. It is an invaluable skill when used in HR, recruitment, sales and negotiation.

Here are 5 commonly seen facial features and what they mean:

1 – Vertical line between the eyebrows

rupert-murdoch-vertical crease (Mobile)

A single clear and distinct vertical line rising from between the eyebrows has a number of particular meanings. It indicates that the individual is likely to have a lifelong challenge of managing their blood-sugar levels. Failure to do so will result in hypoglycaemia (low blood-sugar), which in turn leads to mood swings, irritability, and fluctuating performance levels. Such an individual is also likely to have distinct perfectionist traits, and be highly self-critical, all of which can impact on both personal and professional relationships. If you’re negotiating with this person try to make sure they have eaten beforehand so that their blood-sugar levels are stable! A particularly long line is associated with a ruthless streak!

Example: Rupert Murdoch

2- The Unibrow

Ronnie O'Sullivan eyebrows 1

It has traditionally been said that one should never trust someone with a unibrow – also known as a monobrow. It is more likely that they will be slow to trust others, and will tend to remember real or perceived slights for a long time. They tend to have overactive minds, to the extent of frequently suffering from insomnia. Learning to relax is a huge challenge for them. Stubbornness is another typical trait, and they can become quite attached to fixed ideas.

Examples: Ronnie O’Sullivan, Noel Gallagher

3- Eyebrows angled downwards

Steve Jobs eyebrows

Eyebrows – especially the one on the right – which are angled down towards the nose, or shaped like an inverted V are associated with an autocratic personality. These people have very strong views, will express them with passion and expect to be obeyed. They will be quite direct in challenging others and tend only to be aware afterwards of the emotional impact their behaviour has on others. When dealing with such individuals you will need to have your preparation done and be willing to stand up for your views.

Examples: Steve Jobs, Tony Blair

4 – Triangular Shaped Nose

martin-mcguinness nose

A triangular shaped nose is indicative of someone who prefers to formulate their ideas alone before conferring with colleagues. Having thought things through in depth they will not usually be easily swayed from their views. They also tend to build up momentum as a project takes off and can be, and be seen as a major driving force.

Example: Martin McGuinness

5 – The Fleshy Mound

Donald Trump macho knob

This refers to a three dimensional fleshy mound between the lower lip and the chin. It may be seen as being like a pressure valve. Such individuals tend to have very high energy levels and need to let off steam when the levels become too high. This frequently manifests itself in bursts of childish and unpredictable behaviour, even to the point of being self-destructive eg over indulgence in alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex. One U.S. face reader has referred to this feature as a ‘macho knob’, and such individuals generally like to demonstrate their manliness – at least as they see it. They tend to expect to be liked.

Examples: Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump Jr.

This is just a few examples of key facial features and their meaning. I’ll be sharing more in future articles.

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Joseph McGuire is the owner of Clearsight Communications who provide personal evaluation services and training in the areas of senior level recruitment/promotion, negotiations, sales and HR. Individual consultation sessions are available both in person and via Skype. He is also in demand for group presentations, private functions and conferences. For further information email: