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Saoirse Ronan – A Face Reading Profile

Saoirse_Ronan_at_2014_Berlin_Film_Festival.jpg by Siebbi

                                                                    (Photo Credit Siebbi)

Saoirse Ronan’s face is essentially oval in shape, which we associate with an innate talent for diplomacy, and a definite preference for harmony in both her personal and professional environments. It is natural for her to get along well with others. It should not, however be assumed that she is a pushover, as her features are strong and clear.

Her wide curved forehead shows a combination of analytical and creative abilities. She is an able student who absorbs information to then adapt it to her future needs. The short ‘widow’s peak’ (v-shape) at the centre of her hairline has particular significance for women. A la Marilyn Monroe she has the ability to make an internal switch which draws admirers to her like moths to a flame.

Her upper right cheekbone is prominent, meaning she has high energy levels and is ambitious. It will be important for her to be acknowledged by her peers. Her right jaw is also fuller than the left. This reveals that she possesses an extra degree of determination to succeed – she shares this trait with notable Irish sporting figures Rory McIlroy, Brian O’Driscoll and Roy Keane. When called on to perform demanding physical roles she has the capacity to thrive.

As her lower cheekbones are quite full we can see that she is naturally very empathetic, further emphasising her innate capacity to get on well with others. This will also add extra depth to her understanding of the roles she plays. She will have the capacity to sit quietly and observe, soaking up knowledge and storing it for future use.

Her eyes sparkle, revealing her great vitality, physical mental and emotional. Both eyes tend to be wide open which tells us that honesty is vitally important to her. Any indication of dishonesty towards her will result in people being frozen out. Both upper eyelids reveal a thick fold. This refers both to the importance of emotional intimacy and to the fact that she has a strong ego – certainly needed in her chosen profession! She will, however get her way by charming much more than by being demanding.

Her right eyebrow is curved while the left is almost straight. What this indicates is that even when she is warm and friendly – and genuinely so – she is observing and gathering information. When left untrimmed her left eyebrow also has a small cluster of hairs at the beginning which stand up. This reveals a trait for spotting potential problems at a very early stage of a project. It will not necessarily make her popular but she will usually be right!


Her nose is well proportioned and uniform in width. She will have no difficulty speaking up and expressing herself and will be clear about her values. Her nose tip is not especially large so although she is naturally warm she will not lose her heart easily. Her mouth naturally turns up at the corners revealing her to be an optimist. The lips form a rosebud shape which is indicative of her sensual nature.  There is some puffiness below her lower lip so there is a likelihood of her holding stress in the area of the colon. Any lingering physical discomfort in this region should be seen as an indication she should step back and check her current overall wellbeing.

Her chin is rounded, well-formed and slightly prominent. This is further confirmation of her sociability, values and determination. Creating goodwill will greatly enhance her career.

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